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Don't leave the money in the Home Builders Pockets! That's what they want you to do! Bringing an agent with you only protects you and saves you thousands. The builder will not give you the commission or give you a better deal. The sales agents that work for the builder takes the commission. We share our commission with you! We paid our clients over $150,000 in rebates last year.

New Home Rebate Q & A

At closing you receive up to 60% of the commission as a credit towards your closing costs. 

Our Process

You choose a home  to purchase & we will assist you in securing the new home at the best price.

This is as easy as it gets!

Will you put the commission rebate in writing? Yes

You will receive our a new construction rebate form to sign prior to meeting at the new community sales office.

Is a Buyer’s broker commission rebate legal in California? YES

Currently there are ten states that ban rebates: Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee and Iowa.  California is not one of them. Buyer’s broker commission rebate is perfectly legal in California. 

Please refer to the following publications by the U.S. Department of Justice in this regard:

We meet you at the participating new construction  community & register you.

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